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Neighbourhood Plan



2017 May Parish Sign

The Great Barton Neighbourhood Plan is a document that is written by and for the community to help guide future development in the village. It will explain what the villagers expect to see happen in the village. It will help us to ensure that we get the right sort of development that will protect and enhance the character of our village and still meet the needs of our growing population. 

Once the final document is written and has passed all of the relevant checks you will be asked to vote on it. If 50% of those that vote agree that it is acceptable it will become an official document (a made Plan) that will be used to determine planning applications against. This is an important document and it is important that we get it right. Your help in that process is appreciated.



NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN WORKING GROUP MEETING : Thursday 14th September 7.30pm to 9.30pm in the Community Room, Great Barton Village Hall. If you would like to help develop the Neighbourhood Plan come along to the Working Group meeting. All are welcome to attend.

Agenda for Thursday 14th September 2017

The area involved in the Neighbourhood Plan is the Parish of Great Barton and this shows a map of this area.

This link shows what steps are involved in the Neighbourhood Plan process:- The Neighbourhood Plan steps and where we are towards adoption