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Consultation and Community Engagement

NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN HOUSEHOLD QUESTIONNAIRE - Distribution commenced Saturday 30th September 2017. 

We need the views of all residents over the age of 8 years old. A paper copy of the questionnaire has been delivered to every household in the Parish of Great Barton. Every resident over the age of 8 is invited to complete the questionnaire which will also be available to complete online. 

If you do not have access to a computer or would prefer to complete the paper questionnaire please fill in the relevant sections of the paper version and once all members of your household have completed either the paper version or online version please place the paper questionnaire in the envelope provided for collection by the distributors.

Deadline for completion of questionnaires - Sunday 29th October 2017.


LOCAL HOUSING NEEDS SURVEY 2017 - Distribution commenced Saturday 30th September 2017. 

The Parish Council commissioned Community Action Suffolk to develop a Local Housing Needs Survey. A paper copy of the survey has been delivered to every household in the Parish of Great Barton. The survey can be completed on-line or the paper version can be completed and posted direct to Community Action Suffolk in the freepost envelope. Alternatively the distributors will collect together with the Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire. 

Housing Needs Survey


The Working group has put together a  Communication and Engagement plan for the development of the Neighbourhood Plan. This sets out the target audience, the methods of communication and responsibilities.

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meetings are held monthly (usually in the Community Room of Great Barton Village Hall).

Updates on progress are provided in the Parish Council quarterly Newsletter.


A Drop-in session was held on Saturday 21 January 2017 over 150 people attended the event including the local MP.



 Drop in banner 


Drop in 1  drop in 3 

 The drop-in session gave everyone the opportunity to come to the Village hall and learn more about the Neighbourhood Plan, discuss their ideas to influence it and have a cup of coffee.  The results are available on the evidence page.


Mp at drop-in

 GBNP 01 2017 002












GBNP 01 2017 004   GBNP 01 2017 005