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Neighbourhood Plan Meetings

Future Meetings

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group have been scheduled for 2020. However the need for these meetings is dependent on the progress that is made during the course of the year.  If required, until further notice, the meetings will be held remotely commencing at 7.30 pm.  If you wish to attend the meeting remotely please contact the Neighbourhood Plan Clerk on gtbartonnp@gmail.com. 

The dates of the remaining scheduled meetings are:

Oct 8  No meeting required

Nov 12 No meeting required

Dec 10  No meeting required


This link shows details of the Terms of Reference of the Working Group

The Parish Council has a regular item on their monthly Parish Council meeting to discuss issues related to the Neighbourhood Plan.  In addition the Parish Council set up a sub-committee, The Neighbourhood Plan Executive Committee to deal with matters related to the Neighbourhood. The Terms of Reference of the Executive Committee are contained in this link. However in practice matters have been dealt with by the full Parish Council so in 2019 the Executive Committee was stood down and the terms of reference of the Working Group is being revised accordingly.

The Agendas and Action Points from the Working Group Meetings as shown below