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Village updates from Parish Council meeting September

24 September 2020

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Neighbourhood Plan update: The Neighbourhood Plan has now reached the Independent Examination stage. Andrew Ashcroft, a Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute, has been appointed to carry out the examination. This is already underway. As is normal at this stage, the Examiner has identified some areas where it would be helpful to have some clarification. At  their meeting on Monday the Parish Council agreed the response to the Examiner that had been recommended by the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group." This can be viewed along with the Examiner's Clarification Note on the West Suffolk Council website here . After reviewing the Parish Council’s response, the Examiner will continue with the conclusion of the examination and  his report will be issued.  The plan will go forward to referendum once any changes recommended by the examiner have been made.  The earliest date is May 2021 as all referendums are on hold until that time due to Covid.  

School place deadlines: The deadline for applications to secure a place at a Suffolk secondary school is Saturday 31 October 2020 and for a primary school it is Friday 15 January 2021. Secondary schools include high and upper schools and primary schools include infant, junior and middle schools. All applications received by these dates are processed at the same time using the schools’ oversubscription criteria to prioritise applications when necessary. Late applications are processed after all of those received on time.

Mill Road tree belt : Suffolk County Council have commissioned West Suffolk Council to do a full survey of the tree belt between Mill Road and Conyers Way.  Under a duty of care, Suffolk County Council will then carry out the remedial work raised under the report. 

Vegetation encroaching onto footpaths: Councillor Rebecca Hopfensperger will look into footpaths which are narrowing due to encroaching vegetation, including Mill Road and the A143. 

Livermere Road Bus Shelter: MP Jo Churchill and Councillor Rebecca Hopfensperger are now involved in chasing the removal of the damaged shelter and its replacement. Councillor Rebecca Hopfensperger has offered funds from her locality budget if the replacement cost is an issue. The shelter will not be a like for like  replacement as the current design has been damaged by surrounding trees. The shelter may be removed and replaced at a later date. 

West Suffolk Local Plan consultation:  People’s views will be at the heart of forming a new Local Plan for West Suffolk which will help shape the future of communities and supporting development up to 2040.The Local Plan helps local communities continue to thrive in the future by setting out where homes will be built and supports where new jobs and other vital facilities are located. All West Suffolk planning decisions are judged against Local Plan policies. The Local Plan ensures the right number and types of homes are built in the right places and through its policies supports the provision of space for employment, green spaces, education, culture, health and sports facilities. It also looks at how infrastructure supports this growth and challenges faced in the area, such as climate change. Further information will be available once the consultation starts on 13th October 2020.

Funding for Community Groups: Funding applications are invited from all local community groups by both Borough Councillors Sarah Broughton and Rebecca Hopfensperger. 

Livermere Road telephone box:  Will be repainted and shelves added inside ready to convert to a book swap and information point, once Covid restriction measures are removed. 

Conyers Green:  Topsoil and grass seed will be laid to re-instate the eroded areas. 

The Severalls Development:  

Suffolk County Council Highways have  objected to the plans for the Severalls development and will not accept them as they stand.  They have asked the developer to go back to the drawing board on infrastructure planning. They feel that there has not been enough mitigation on Fornham Road, Mill Road and East Barton Road, with regards to infrastructure. There will be increased congestion on Orttewell Road which will cause the roads around the development to become congested. Highways also objected to the lack of cycling/pedestrian routes around the area.

Highways England have objected due to the capacity of junction 43 of the A14, which is already at capacity. There are also concerns with regard to the footbridge, the safe crossing point and the underpass.  Plans will need to be amended and a full public consultation undertaken. The Parish Council will meet with West Suffolk Council once the new plans have been submitted. Comments were also made on the community centre not being large enough, the local centre needs more space allocated to it and more facilities than they are currently proposing.

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Monday 5th October 2020 at 7.15pm.  Please contact the Clerk if you would like to join this remote meeting.