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Village Update October/November

2 November 2021

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The first full village newsletter should be delivered mid November.  Many village clubs and organisations have provided updates and articles.  If you notice any outdated contacts please advise Linda Harley at infogbpc@gmail.com.

Maintenance work will be carried out on the basket ball surface at the Village Hall playing field.

The Parish Council are still working with West Suffolk Council and the land owners to try and re-route the cul-de-sac footpath on Green Lane.

Following a concern raised by a resident relating to access to the wooden bus shelter for people with disabilities, measurements for the height of the step into the shelter and the distance from the footpath, have been sent to Suffolk County Council who will advise on the viability of installing a ramp.

A planting scheme has been arranged for the area next to the School Road/Downing Drive link footpath.

The Parish Council are looking at whether it would be possible to power the old Radarlux vehicle activated sign with a leisure battery.

Providing a Christmas dinner for elderly and/or vulnerable residents is being looked into but new tenants take over the Bunbury Arms Public House in November and until that time, no bookings are being taken and prices are not  available.

Councillor Steve Todd is looking at funding for some new playground equipment and surfacing.  He would love to hear from you with your comments please: stevetodd648@yahoo.com

The following planning application had been approved by West Suffolk Council:

Barton House, The Park


(a) 3 Ash - fell (b) 1 Holme Oak - reduce canopy by 3 metres


West Suffolk Council’s new Local Plan: The local plan evidence base is being produced and will be uploaded onto the West Suffolk website as it becomes available. The strategic policies are being worked up and the plan will go through the committee process in January 2022 ahead of the consultation. The Gt Barton Neighbourhood Plan group can then assess the plan against the strategic policies to see if there has been any change. There is a long list of sites in the Strategic Housing Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) which the council uses to select sites for allocation in the local plan. West Suffolk Council are satisfied that Gt Barton have met the housing requirement in the neighbourhood plan and that no further sites/housing numbers will be allocated in the village.

A resident has kindly cut the paths in Icepits Wood. The Icepits Wood committee had their first meeting since lockdown and are looking at ways to make the wood more accessible.  If you have any comments or would like to be involved in this group please contact Linda Harley.

Please make sure you pick up any dog waste.  It is very unpleasant if it is left on pavements and verges.  East Barton Road has been raised as an area of concern.