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Village update March 2021

22 March 2021

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Here is the village update for March 2021.   If you have any questions please contact Linda Harley on infogbpc@gmail.com

The referendum for Gt Barton ‘s Neighbourhood Plan will take place on Thursday 6th May 2021.

A resident raised the ownership of the land where the original Mission Church on Conyers Green used to stand. Councillor Maggie Dunn will contact the Baptist Church for further details.

There will be a general rise in Suffolk County Council’s Council tax by 1.99% for 2021-22 with a further 2% for adult social care.

Suffolk is 2nd nationally for the Coronavirus vaccine role out. 

The removal of the Livermere Road bus stop is in Suffolk County Council’s works order programme.

Drains on Livermere Road will be cleared out and drainage ditches checked.  Once any repairs have been made this will be included on the regular cleansing schedule.  Flooding at Icepits Close and Thurston Road will be reviewed.

A new quote will be sent to replace the damaged white gates on East Barton Road and increase the height.

West Suffolk Council have carried out a report on the Mill Road tree belt.  The team undertaking the work will also look at the fly tipping in the ditch, when they are working on the trees.  Borough Councillor Sarah Broughton offered to arrange for some ‘No Fly Tipping’ signs for the village.

West Suffolk’s homeless team reacted quickly to a man found camping in Icepits Wood.

It was confirmed that when West Suffolk Council skirt back the debris on footpaths, they take it back to the hedgerow or the highway boundary.  A rolling road closure may be needed on some roads.

Councillor Rebecca Hopfensperger will chase the cost of an entrance onto the A143 from land adjacent to Icepits Wood.

Councillor Matthew Parker is continuing to plan the best way to complete the School Road/Downing Drive link footpath.

Councillor discussed the first draft of the development plan for the triangle site. The Chair allowed members of the public to join the discussion. The following points were raised:

  • Location of site entrance on Mill Road, proximity to junction with School Road/Mill Road which already has impaired visibility
  • Linkages for walking across site
  • All landscaping is around the edges of the site rather than in keeping with GB where green areas are surrounded by houses
  • Area of land reserved for community facilities, school drop off point is a small area -It was raised that the Neighbourhood Plan proposes 2 hectares for community use and a community hub
  • Plan 13 is the concept plan from the Neighbourhood Plan and not what Suffolk County Council is proposing
  • 1.1 hectares have been reserved for the school
  • What is the mix of housing?  No mention of bungalows and where they will go, housing density
  • Neighbourhood Plan suggested pushing for a better sustainable community area/village centre – a reasonable piece of land for community uses to be provided and reviewed throughout the process
  • Is community area too close to School Road? Not close enough to the MUGA?
  • Is the road parallel to School Road necessary?
  • Is phase 1 in the right place?
  • The amount of open space provided is using a lot of space that is already there and not providing so much new open space
  • Drop-off should be close to School Road or parents will continue to park there and walk through to school
  • Will the school drop-off point have only 1 entrance/exit?
  • How will the emergency access to School Road be operated?
  • Confirmation of garden sizes requested
  • Will properties be open fronted like Conyers Way?
  • Will bins be collected from outside houses rather than a central point?
  • Are the roads next to Corner Cottage dead ends or a circular loop?
  • Will buffering to Corner cottage be provided?
  • Discussion re stopping up School Road and linking Conyers Way to triangle site
  • Circular routes around the development not in keeping with Conyers Way/Coppice layout, this includes the perimeter road

A report will be sent to Suffolk County Council raising these points.

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Monday 19th April at 7pm before the Council meeting.  The Council’s Annual General Meeting will be rearranged to Tuesday 4th May 2021 as temporary legislation only allows Council’s to meet remotely until 7/5/21. Face to face meetings will resume from 21/6/21 if allowed.

Planning application site visits will resume from 29th March if 6 people are allowed to meet outside.

The book exchange in the telephone box on Livermere Road will re-open in-line with Suffolk libraries.

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Monday 19th April 2021 and everyone is welcome to attend.