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Travellers encampment update Wednesday 15th August

13 August 2018

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At 2pm Thursday afternoon the site was vacated.  Waste Services have been advised and I am awaiting a date for the clear up.  

Thursday 16th August 11.30am - 

Officers visited this morning to see if there was any movement ahead of the 10am deadline. As they saw no evidence St Eds BC applied to the court and will be serving the s78 notice with police in attendance at 11.30am. The court date is next Tuesday.

The next update will be on Thursday 16th August.  If the site is not vacated by the deadline  to leave,  then St Edmundsbury Borough Council will serve the s78 notice which gives the travellers 48 hours notice of their court date.  A Court date has been requested for the first  available time on Monday/Tuesday next week.  The Court will set the date for the travellers to leave the site.  Historically this has given them between 24 and 48 hours notice. 

A group of residents attended the meeting with Jo Churchill MP today and made her aware how frustrated the community are with the issue on Hall Park Green and that they would like to see  a faster and more robust system in place, for dispersing unauthorised encampments in the future. There was a discussion on how to protect all open spaces in the village.  

Update from St Edmundsbury Borough Council - Tuesday 14th August 2018: 


Following the multi-agency meeting this morning, section 77 notices have been served on the unauthorised Traveller encampment at Diomed Drive giving them a deadline of 10am Thursday morning to leave the site. The council is preparing the next legal step, so that no time is lost should they fail to go. This involves booking provisional court time and preparing a section 78 notice, giving the time and date of the court appearance. Waste is being collected from the site, and the police continue to review and monitor the situation.’


Update from St Edmunsbury Borough Council - Monday 13th August 2018.

‘St Edmundsbury Borough Council was made aware of the unauthorised encampment on council owned land on Friday and has been working with the police and other agencies over the weekend to prepare for immediate legal action. The first steps in the proven process were taken on Monday, when officers served a letter first thing, requiring the Travellers to leave, and carried out a welfare visit. This done, a multi-agency meeting has been convened to progress the next steps. Arrangements have been made for the street lights to be kept on all night for the duration of the encampment, something requested locally and which other communities have found helpful in such circumstances. Residents should call the police on 101 to report any incidents.’