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Suffolk Award for Gt Barton Emergency Response Team

22 February 2021

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Volunteers who offered their services in response to the COVID-19 crisis.
On behalf of Great Barton Emergency Response Operations Team, I take pride in sharing a 'Letter' of gratitude and a 'Suffolk Award Certificate of Merit', with residents who offered support to the village, as recognition of your contribution during the COVID-19 Pandemic, from Clare, Countess of Euston, H.M.Lord-Lieutenant for Suffolk.

Our thanks is also extended to all volunteers who offered their services for making this recognition possible.

 Given the large number of volunteers registered, not all persons have  been called upon, never the less they are there if needed. Having more volunteers than requests is the perfect situation any Response Team wants to be in.

We know a lot of 'help' has been provided first hand without being recorded, the value of this is recognized and appreciated in the 'Letter.'

The Team effort has been brilliant, I extend my thanks for your  continued support.

 John Roe  Great Barton COVID-19 Response Coordinator.