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Relocation of Puffin Crossing - The Street Great Barton

3 June 2019

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West Suffolk Council has a statutory duty to monitor air quality throughout its area and declare special Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) where levels are breached. 

The monitoring has shown that there is a short section of the A143 The Street, Great Barton that has a high level of air pollution and is declared as an AQMA. This impacts the row of roadside cottages either side of and including the Post Office. 

Pollution is particularly high in this location as the cottages together with a wall and trees opposite form a 'canyon' affect which prevents the pollution from dispersing.  Monitoring confirms that air quality improves considerably a few metres outside of this 'canyon'.

The current location of the pedestrian crossing also contributes to the reduced air quality as drivers naturally idle in and/or accelerate through.  Idling and accelerating are the two activities that create the highest levels of emissions. 

Due to a recent funding award West Suffolk Council, Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Highways will work together to move the pedestrian crossing.  Please see the plans available at the link below, which shows the three locations suitable for the new Puffin Pedestrian Crossing, the plans consider vehicular accesses and street furniture. 

There will  be a drop-in session at the Village Hall on Tuesday 11th June from 2 - 6pm in the Community Room.

Suffolk County Council wish to seek your views on the position of the relocated crossing and ask that you complete the online survey found here;

The survey is open until Wednesday 19th June 2019.  If you would like a paper copy or have any further questions please contact Julia Proctor, Senior Transport Engineer, Suffolk County Council - email: