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February 2021 - Village Update

24 February 2021

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Updates from Councillor Rebecca Hopfensperger : The issue of flooding on Livermere Road and Icepits Close has been escalated to the head of the department at Suffolk County Council. The skirting back of the footpaths in the village has been passed to West Suffolk Council.

The project to remove the bus shelter on Livermere Road is moving forward.

No further information has been received regarding the Mill Road tree belt. A report will be put together by West Suffolk Council.  Councillor Rebecca Hopfensperger continues to chase this item.

Updates from Councillor Sarah Broughton : West Suffolk Council have launched a Dog Fouling Campaign.  West Suffolk Council will meet with the Gt Barton Community Woodland Group regarding seeding and cutting back weeds on Hall Park Green. There will be a slight budget increase for homes located within the former St Edmundsbury Borough Council area.  Economies are being made to still supply services.

The Council are working with the Maple Green Resident’s Association looking into the issues of ownership and maintenance of the green. Maple Green has been designated as ‘open space’ in the Neighbourhood Plan.

To progress improvements to the School Lane/Downing Drive link footpath, a survey has been carried out to determine boundaries of the land under the ownership of The Crown Estate and to carry out a survey of the physical features in the vicinity of the proposed new footpath construction between School Lane and Downing Drive.  The survey results will be overlayed onto Land Registry boundaries plan of the same area. If required the said boundaries will be marked out on site.

A response is still awaited from the trustees of the Schofield Trust, regarding a piece of land for a village wood.

The Parish Council has registered for the ‘pilot mobile activated speed signs with number plate recognition’ scheme.

The Neighbourhood Plan referendum will take place  on 6/5/21. A newsletter pamphlet will be produced to remind residents of the main points of the plan and to vote.

The Rights of Way officer had visited Gt Barton and has arranged for work to be carried out on the dead tree in the tunnel. The  Green Lane footpath was also inspected.  Suffolk County Council has contacted both landowners and advised that action will need to be taken collectively, to get the route opened up and accessible. They will arrange for a bridge to be installed over the ditch at Green Lane and to signpost the route as a cul-de-sac, so that walkers are aware there is currently no through access. The landowners have been asked to mark the route across their crop fields. The landowner at the eastern end of the route has been asked if he would consider a diversion, but this is his prerogative. Unfortunately, Suffolk County Council  is not in the position as the highway authority to offer a diversion in exchange for the landowner extending to the road, as Diversion Orders are a very costly process, whether pursued by a private individual or local government entity. 

The old Mission Church at Conyers Green was a Baptist Church. Councillor Maggie Dunn will look into obtaining further information on the ownership of the land.

A date for the village litter pick of Saturday 12th  June has been  provisionally booked.

A meeting was held with West Suffolk Council to discuss the amended planning application for the North East Development. Further meetings will be arranged with West Suffolk Council, Suffolk County Council and Carter Jonas before the Parish Council make their response.  Items being raised include:

Comments on the amended traffic assessment (after meeting with expert colleagues at Suffolk County Council);The capacity of the Sustainable Urban Drainage System; The link between the North East Development and the village; The link from the North East Development to Bury St Edmunds, the footbridge and the underpass; The buffer between the Cattishall hamlet and the development; Provision of healthcare and schooling; Provision of a suitable community building. 

Suffolk County Council are in preliminary discussions with the Parish Council on development on the triangle of land between Mill Road/A143/School Road. 

The following planning applications were approved by West Suffolk Council: 

School Lane


Single storey front extension

19 Anglesey Place


(a)  single storey front extension (b) raising of
roof to create increased first floor space and second floor attic

 The Clerk advised the Council that the temporary regulations allowing Parish Council’s to hold remote meetings expire on 6/5/21.

 Suffolk County Council no longer replace road direction signs.

The issues of flooding on the following areas around the village was noted: Livermere Road, Brand Road, Thurston Road, Icepits Close, East Barton Road, A143 by the BT hut, School Road/A143 junction.  Icepits Wood is used as a soakaway.

Concerns were raised by the Parish Council regarding HGVs using alternative routes through the village, when the A143 was closed due to flooding.

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Monday 15th March 2021 and will be held remotely until social distancing measures are relaxed.