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17 March 2020

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 A letter has been sent to all residents in the village, to help identify those who have either lost this support structure and are isolated or who have succumbed to the virus and are self-isolating, therefore in need of help. 

The Great Barton Emergency Response Plan has been triggered and your local designated co-ordinator's details are included on the letter.  If you are unable to find your letter, please contact Linda on infogbpc@gmail.com and the details can then be provided.  If you wish to speak to the main co-ordinator John Roe he can be contacted on 01284 787123. 

Any items being delivered will be left on your doorstep, with you being informed by telephone in advance.  Any payment required would need to be agreed beforehand, either in cash or by bank transfer.


Please click here  for guidance for households with possible Coronavirus infection.

Please click here for general information from Public Health England

For further reading, the Local Government Association has published a very useful list of different government advice sources